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Welcome to the Department of Criminal Justice!
Undergraduate Program
Our undergraduate program provides the breadth of knowledge of a liberal arts curriculum, combined with interdisciplinary perspectives of crime and justice. It is designed to facilitate personal and professional growth of our students through engaged and experiential learning opportunities. Upon completion of our program, you will be prepared to act as an informed and skilled agent of justice, who combines critical thinking and analytical skills with empirical evidence to accurately assess our crime problem and evaluate justice problems, policies, programs and solutions. You will be prepared for entry level positions in a wide variety of criminal justice related occupations.
Graduate Program
Our interdisciplinary graduate program is designed to build individual, agency and community capacity to understand, prevent, intervene, and respond innovatively and effectively to juvenile delinquency and crime, using evidence-based practices, policies and programs. Our curriculum offers innovative and intensive study that provides students with the knowledge and skills to facilitate program development, implementation and assessment. It prepares students for a wide range of administrative, management and leadership positions within public, private and non-profit criminal and/or juvenile justice agencies. Additionally, our program prepares students for instructor-level teaching positions and/or doctoral studies.
Graduate Program Description
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Departmental Mission


We live in a world where we are inundated with images of crime and injustice. Our nation spends billions annually on the crime problem. Unfortunately, public policies, programs and attempted solutions to our crime problem are too frequently driven by media imagery and public scares, rather than empirical reality. It is our departmental mission to contribute to ensuring humane, just, and effective crime and justice policies, programs and practices by providing our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become informed citizens and effective agents of justice.
Values of our Academic Community
In promoting our mission, we uphold and seek to instill value of the following within our students:
1. Lifelong learning that includes creating, disseminating, anlyzing, evaluating, and applying scientifically based knowledge.
2. Innovation and creativity in problem-solving.
3. Responsible global citizenship and stewardship of resources.
4. Personal and professional growth.
5. Civility and integrity in our interactions.
6. Diversity.
7. Collegiality and collaboration.
8. Community engagement and service.
9. Open communication and constructive dialogue.
Student Learning Outcomes
Upon earning your degree, you will be able to do the following:
1. Critically analyze our crime and justice philosophies, theories, policies, programs, and practices.
2. Apply justice and criminological theories to specific problems of crime and justice.
3. Construct evidence-based solutions to problems of crime and justice.
4. Draw links between your community-based learning opportunites (our intership program) and the training and knowledge you received in the classroom.
5. Effectively communicate in writing and orally.

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