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Academic Programs

In order to provide you with the widest variety of courses and experiences, our undergraduate program does not offer specific tracks. Instead, our more generalist approach allows a thorough understanding of the agents and theories behind the criminal justice system and criminal behavior.

Our advanced courses then offer you the ability to apply the knowledge learned in earlier courses to particular topics such as juvenile justice, forensics, gender, and terrorism, for example.

The undergraduate program in criminal justice is well-regarded for its proficiency at exposing students to criminal justice agencies. First, the internships available in the final semester of the senior year place you directly in the field with federal, state, and local organizations. You also have the opportunity to take several classes from adjuncts who are active in the criminal justice field.

Finally, the Criminal Justice Society brings in speakers from around the state who represent a variety of criminal justice agencies. Many programs may equip students well for work in criminal justice related occupations, but often this is relegated to classroom-based learning. Our bachelor’s program at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette expands the learning experience well beyond the classroom walls, giving you direct access to the organizations and agencies where you'll someday find a career.

In promoting our mission, we uphold and seek to instill value of the following within our students:

  • Lifelong learning that includes creating, disseminating, analyzing, evaluating, and applying scientifically based knowledge.
  • Innovation and creativity in problem-solving.
  • Responsible global citizenship and stewardship of resources.
  • Personal and professional growth.
  • Civility and integrity in our interactions.
  • Diversity. 
  • Collegiality and collaboration.
  • Community engagement and service.
  • Open communication and constructive dialogue.

Learn more about our undergraduate program, master's program, and minors in criminal justice and forensics.