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Dr. Ami Stearns contributes chapter on gender-motivated hate crime

Dr. Ami Stearns, Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice, contributed a chapter on gender-motivated hate crimes to Hate Crimes: Typology, Motivations, and Victims, a 2018 text published by Carolina Academic Press. Dr. Stearns’ chapter establishes a theoretical argument for the inclusion of gender as a protected class in bias crime legislation. From the publisher: “No competing text offers such in-depth and nuanced coverage of hate and the contributing factors to one of the fastest growing social problems in America. A core text for courses on hate crimes as well as an excellent supplement for any social problems class, Hate Crimes: Typology, Motivations, and Victims brings its singular focus to the growth and evolution in the field of hate crimes and hate studies. The chapter themes make this a highly readable text for criminal justice, psychology, or sociology professors as well as practitioners in the field.”