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Criminal Justice Requirements

  1. A general University requirement is that, to be eligible for graduation, you must achieve an overall adjusted grade point average of 2.0. The College also requires that you achieve grades of "C" or better in those courses in your major presented to fulfill the credit hour requirement in that major.
  2. In order to be eligible to receive a degree from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, students pursuing the baccalaureate are required to complete at least twelve semester hours in their major area at this University, six of which must be at the 300/400 level.
  3. No more than 42 of the hours required for graduation shall be taken in the major subject and no more than 64 hours shall be taken in your area of specialization.
  4. You may fulfill the basic English requirements in several ways. You may receive credit for the CEEB advanced placement program in your high school; You may qualify for English 115, or You may qualify for an advanced-standing examination. Students with an English score of 28 or above on the ACT will be placed in English 115 and will receive credit automatically for English 101. Students with a score of 32 or higher on the English section and a composite of 28 or higher are eligible to take an advanced-standing examination conducted by the English Department. Those who pass this examination will receive credit automatically for English 101 and 102.
  5. The foreign language should be discussed with your academic advisor, and all requirements should be finished prior to your senior year.
    An advanced placement test is given at the beginning of each semester to students with no college credits in foreign language. On the basis of this test, up to 15 semester hours credit at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette may be earned. If you have  two or more years of foreign language study in high school you are strongly urged to take advantage of this opportunity to earn university credit and fulfill the language requirement. Students who do not take the advanced placement test before enrolling in a foreign language course will not be eligible to receive this credit later in their college career. Students who do not take the Advanced Placement test in foreign languages should schedule foreign languages according to the recommendations below:
    • Students with two years of a foreign language taken in the freshman and sophomore high school years should register for 101. With the approval of the Modern Languages Department, they may begin at the 201 level.
    • Students with two years of a foreign language taken in the junior and senior high school years should begin at the 201 level. With the approval of the Department of Modern Languages, they may begin at the 101 level.
    • Students with three or four years of high school foreign language should schedule the terminal course 202 or 203. Any deviations must be approved by the Department of Modern Languages.
  6. Foreign language courses should be taken in successive semesters.
  7. International students may not schedule for credit towards graduation classes in their native language below 311 in French, German and Spanish. The Department of Modern Languages will recommend the placement of international students. With the approval of the advisor, department head and dean, certain courses in English may be substituted for the MODL requirement.
  8. Only 4 credit hours of KNEA may be used towards completing your graduation requirements.
  9. Electives (except for free electives) must be chosen in consultation with the your academic advisor. It should be noted that many of the electives in any curriculum must be chosen at the 300 and 400 levels in order to meet the graduation requirement of 45 hours of upper level courses. The three types of electives are defined below:
    • Advisor approved electives are any credit courses offered at UL Lafayette except those which are prerequisite to, or which contain subject material on a more elementary level than required courses in the student's curriculum.
    • College electives are courses chosen from the course offerings of departments within a specified college.
  10. In addition to fulfilling the general requirements for the degree, a student in the College of Liberal Arts is required to complete a minor of at least eighteen hours in an acceptable subject matter field outside his or her area of concentration. The minor area is supervised by the student's major department and must be selected in consultation with the student's academic advisor. The minor may consist of more than eighteen hours; at least six of these eighteen hours must be at the 300/400 level.
  11. An internship is not required for the Criminal Justice degree, it has a value of 6 credit hours at the 400 level. If you decide not to participate in the internship program you will need to complete two 400 level Criminal Justice courses to fill those credit requirements.