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Dr. Michelle Jeanis announces new lab

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Day of Compassion, LA State Penn

On December 5th, two graduate students and a faculty member of the Criminal Justice Department visited th

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Department of Criminal Justice awards and final CJ Society meeting

On Wednesday, November 14th, the Criminal Justice Society held its final meeting for the Fall 2018 semester.

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SPRUCE @ ULL Lab Opening

Dr. Michelle Jeanis of the Criminal Justice department announces the opening of a new lab, SPRUCE @ULL, for undergraduate and graduate students. This lab is a branch of the SPRUCE lab (pun intended) at the University of South Florida. Generally speaking, the lab will allow students to gain exposure to the criminology/criminal justice research process. It will require semester by semester commitment from students and participation will typically involve data collection/coding and other preliminary aspects of the research process. Projects will vary from semester to semester but currently focus on the relationship between media and crime. Potential benefits to students are exposure to the research process, interaction with and exposure to research conducted by criminal justice faculty, and the opportunity to exhibit dedication to academic studies. This may be particularly relevant to students who wish to further their education beyond undergraduate studies. Interested students should contact Dr. Jeanis at  (337) 482-1964 or