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Semester-by-Semester Plan

This is a broad semester by semester plan for Master's in Criminal Justice students who intend to graduate in four semesters. Part-time students should visit with the Graduate Coordinator, Dr. Jeanis, to determine the best choice of action for each semester. Dr. Jeanis is available for questions by phone 337-482-1964 or email

Semester 1

During your first semester, your concentration should be focused on developing writing and research skills within the coursework. The maximum course load is nine hours for all semesters.

Semester 2

In the second semester, you should begin thinking about whether they will take the thesis route or the comprehensive exam route.

Semester 3

You should complete the Application for Admission to Candidacy for the master’s degree form within the first two weeks of the semester and submit to the Graduate School. This form specifies your choice of either thesis or comprehensive exam and also designates your committee members and chair.

You need to choose your three committee members during the third semester and choose which committee member will be the chair. All students in Graduate school must assemble a committee. You must defend your thesis proposal in the third semester in front of at least 2/3 of their committee. A thesis proposal consists of the introduction, brief literature review, and methods.

Semester 4

If you are graduating this semester, you should complete the Application for Degree by following these directions on ULINK within the first two weeks of the new semester. Specific deadlines will vary from semester to semester, so consult with the Academic Calendar and the Graduate Coordinator.

Thesis students will complete and defend the thesis, submit the thesis to the Graduate School for approval, and have the thesis printed upon approval. On the thesis track, students must take 6-9 hours of thesis credit (Graduate Assistants [GAs] must take 9 hours, non-GAs take 6 hours) and no additional coursework.

Comprehensive exam students will complete and defend their comprehensive exam. Students on the comprehensive exam track must take 9 hours of coursework in addition to completing and defending the comprehensive exam.

Please visit the University's Graduate School website to access all necessary forms.