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Master's Degree in Criminal Justice : Career Opportunities

The Master's of Science Degree in Criminal Justice at UL Lafayette provides a diverse skill set for a variety of jobs, whether inside or outside the criminal justice system. Our graduate program in criminal justice can give you a competitive edge in most careers by training you to analyze policy, apply theories of criminal behavior, and gain insight into the complex issues surrounding policing, courts, and corrections.

These skills, in addition to proficiency in data gathering, analysis, and reporting, can be applied to virtually any career in the field of social sciences.

Please find below a list of our past graduates' placements:

Correctional Treatment Specialist

     Christina Pigott, MS 2016, Correctional Officer at Lafayette Parish Correctional Center

Restorative Justice Specialist

     Danielle Doussan, MS 2017, Restorative Justice Facilitator with Jefferson Parish Schools

Social Services Administrator

    Vanessa Adamson, MS 2018, Director at UL Lafayette AmeriCorps

College Instructor

     Jessica White, MS 2015, Instructor in the First Year Experience Program at UL Lafayette

     Julie Richard, MS 2017, Adjunct Instructor of Criminal Justice at UL Lafayette 


     Stephen Laborde, MS 2015, Quality Assurance Analyst at Lowers Risk Group

Legal Assistant

     Elizabeth Louviere, MS 2017, Legal Assistant at Elwell Law Firm

     Mallory LaPorte, MS 2017, Legal Assistant at Law Office of Eric Neumann and George Knox


     Dustin Edwards, MS 2017, Army

Mental Health/Social Services/Behavioral Health Caseworker

     Rachel Austin, MS 2019 (expected), Behavior Support Specialist at Willow Charter Academy 

Jude Bernard, MS 2016, Youth Support Specialist at Behavioral Services of Louisiana

PhD student

     Kady Rost, MS 2016, Research Methods and Statistcis Program, University of Denver


     Courtney Molbert, MS 2018, HUB Enterprises, Inc.

     Ciara Marlow, MS 2019, Louisiana Board of Pardons and Parole

     Linsey Boudreax, MS 2019 (expected), Louisiana Board of Pardons and Parole